Hi there!

My name is Nina, and welcome to my blog!

I believe that you can travel while pursuing education and career goals, by taking short, adventure packed trips, and by appreciating your own surroundings. You don’t have to leave everything behind to have incredible experiences.

I love traveling because I love learning and personal growth.

I love learning new things, from the intricacies of how a drug acts in the human brain to the complicated histories of places around the world. Most of all, I love learning about myself, my own thinking, and the culture that I come from.

Travel opens you up to new ways of thinking, and different ways of doing things. These lessons can have incredible impacts on your own life. What’s more, travel provides opportunities to feel challenged.

I’m not a nomad or an expat. 

I’m not currently either of those things, anyways. I’m more a part time traveller. I live in Canada, and study neuroscience full time. I work part time, and coach cycling in the summer. I’m doing things that I love and am passionate about, and that includes traveling!

The name “Near and Far” encapsulates many forms of travel and adventure. I love visiting new countries, and I love exploring my own through day trips and new experiences. I believe you can lead an adventurous life without leaving everything behind. 

Learn a little bit more about my travel philosophy:

Or how travel has impacted my life:

I traveled fairly regularly for sports growing up, and shifted to traveling for fun and interest in the last couple of years. I’ve visited 10 countries, the majority of which I traveled to in 2016.

The highlights of my travel chronicles:

I’m Canadian, so not listed are the many places in Canada that I’ve been, and more of the many places in the United States that I’ve visited. There is a lot more travel on the horizon!

Upcoming Travel Plans:
  • Winter 2018: Florida.
  • Summer 2018: Europe, specific location TBD. 

Ready to have some adventures? 

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Disclosure: occasionally, I accept invitations to events and activities that interest me, and hopefully you! I’m very particular about which companies I partner with, and my media-access page states that I will write honestly, every time. This is exceptionally important to me. All of posts that were ‘sponsored’ in some form are disclosed at the end of the post. I typically choose activities and places that I was planning to enjoy anyways, so they’re in keeping with the rest of the blog.