I launched my blog in April, 2017.

Right from the start, I knew that I wanted to work with tourism boards, brands, and travel companies. I studied other bloggers, their best practices, and started to implement action steps to make it happen. 

I’ve been working with Tourism Boards, brands, and travel companies since July, 2017.

It didn’t just happen over night, though. Before I could pitch to tourism boards, brands, and travel companies, I had to be able to demonstrate my value. I had to be able to show them my experience as a blogger, and I had to be able to prove that I could deliver.

Once I could do all these things, I had to devise the perfect pitches. I needed to finds the right companies to work with, ones that would be keen to work with a small, relatively new blogger.

When that was all done, I had to show up, do a create job, and deliver impressive content.

I took specific, actionable steps to do these things. 

I’ve gone over all of my actions, all of my communications, and all of my strategies, and I’ve come up 3 key components of working with sponsors.

  1. Establish your blog as a small business. 
  2. Find the right brands, pitch, and build relationships.
  3. Create content that brands, tourism boards, and business will be excited about.

Today, I’m going to help you get started on your way to working with sponsors.

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