When you’ve got an awesome resource, share it. These are the tools that I use every single day in my blog post writing, and which have boosted my traffic and post quality dramatically. Many of these are affiliate links (and you should definitely set up affiliate links on your blog too!) which means that if you begin using or purchase one of these tools, I will earn a commission. This is at no extra cost to you and, bonus, I’ll help you get started with whatever tool you’re using.

Here are my favourite resources for blogging!


Affiliate Programs


Join Skimlinks right now. This is hands down the easiest, fastest, and most convenient affiliate program there is. Once you’ve join, you immediately have access to over 20,000 different affiliate programs. Install a line of code in your website (there’s a tutorial and it’s simple, I promise). Once installed, just add links to your website wherever appropriate and if they’re in the Skimlinks network, they will automatically be converted to affiliate links. Skimlinks is free to use, sign up here! They’re got everything from Gap to Viator, from Bath Bath and Beyond to Revolve.


Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, so if you’re selling merchandise (or want to be) sign up for their affiliate program. It’s not as care free as Skimlinks, and you do have to make a sale within 6 months of risk being kicked out (but you can always reapply, or force your relatives to order Christmas gifts through your links months early). The great thing about Amazon is that it’s straight forward to use, and it’s a trusted online retailer. You can also installed a plugin (if you’re on WordPress) that will automatically direct readers to the right country when they follow an Amazon link!

Drive More Traffic

Keysearch: The Ultimate Search Engine Optimizatio Tool

My organic traffic is growing every day as a result of finally purchasing this tool. I have been working to optimize my blog for Google search traffic, and the results are paying off massively. Now, I never write a blog post without first doing an extensive key word analysis. When you registering using my affiliate link, contact me so that I can provide some useful tips and tricks to get started with search engine optimization!

Pinterest + Photoshop

Pinterest is the number one social media platform to drive traffic. Other platforms exist as unique entities, in my experience. While they drive traffic occasionally, it’s nothing compared to what a well designed pin can do for you once in circulation. A photoshop subscription is essential to design your own pins. View pins that I’ve designed myself here on Pinterest.

Working With Sponsors and Brands

How to Pitch

This resource was designed by yours truly! It’s an extensive course including how to set up your blog as business, internet hacks for finding partners, and exactly how to pitch to tourism boards, companies, and brands. This course is packed to the brim with concrete, actionable content. What to do, write, say, and exactly when do it. Templates, trade secrets, resources, and actionable steps are all inside, giving you everything you need to pitch, deliver, and build lasting relationships with partners. The results have been outstanding for other bloggers like yourself. One blogger even set up a partnership with an airline!