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Go ahead and gas up your car, I can wait a minute. Might as well just start the engine too, because you’re only going to get part way through this blog post before hoping in the car and driving straight to Parc Omega. It’s cute baby animal season out there! 

This was my first time visiting Parc Omega in the summer, and my first time sleeping over in the park. The animals are very active in the winter, which is a beautiful time to visit. There are no baby animals in the winter, though, so I was ecstatic about this summer visit.

Visiting from abroad or living local, Parc Omega is a must-have Canadian experience. There is no where else in the country that allows you to be so fully immersed in Canadian wildlife, or in such proximity to the beautiful animals that call this country home. Those of us who live Canada don’t encounter the animals like this on a regular basis (hopefully not bears or wolves, anyways) so if you’re local, Parc Omega is an amazing summer adventure. Bonus for the locals, we can go repeatedly, all seasons.

Ok, that’s enough from me. I know why you’re here, the main event… Super cute animal photos!

Arctic foxes

The Adorable Animals of Parc Omega (In Photos)

The arctic foxes don’t have any pups this year, but it was amazing to see them with their summer coats! They are white as snow and completely camouflaged in the winter. I had no idea that their summer coats came in grey. 

Wolf pup entering the den

I spy… a baby wolf cub entering the den.

It turns out that baby wolves are unbelievably cute. More evidence of this will follow. They also look just like other puppies. If you came across one in the wild somehow, you would probably think that someone had lost their new puppy. It’s worth being able to recognize a wolf pup, because the mom’s do not look just like other dogs and mom will be nearby.


Santa’s helpers! The baby reindeer are still a little bit wobbly on their feet.

Timber wolf and wolf cubWolf family

It amazes me that something so fluffy and cute grows up to be a powerful, stoic wolf. There are several types of wolves and several wolf areas at Parc Omega. The pups in the photos above are 2 out of a litter of 5 timber wolves.

Arctic wolves

The majestic arctic wolves. No pups, just photogenic poses.

Black bears

Cinnamon bear

New to Parc Omega this year is the Cinnamon bear (bottom). They’re not much bigger than a baby black bear (top right) and they love climbing things. On our first drive by, two of them were in trees.


Parc Omega Heritage Farm

The Heritage Farm at Parc Omega is only open in the summer, so this was my first time meeting the goats! You can take a wagon ride out to the Heritage Farm, which is home to a beautiful petting farm. I was very excited to go in the goat pen, but I don’t advise this if you’re wearing something you care about. One of them ate a string off my jacket! 

Feeding deer at Parc Omega

Deer at Parc Omega

When you have carrots, the number of deer around you increases exponentially. The photos got out of control when we hit 4 deer, as I tried to maintain civility while passing out the carrots.

Ibex at parc omega

Tell me that this isn’t the cutest road side-stop you have ever seen. The ibex are my favourite!



The elk at Parc Omega roam free, and will sprint up to your vehicle to demand carrots. They learn this very early. There were baby elk bolting out of the trees to come check out our car even though they’re not old enough to digest carrots. Elk babies are adorable, lopsided runners, and their mom’s put them in day care every day. Day care moves around, but every day there will be a spot where the mom’s all agree to leave the babies for a few hours while they go in search of carrots of their own.

Elk water crossing

Tips for Visiting Parc Omega

Now that you’re completely convinced that you should go to Parc Omega, here are a few tips for planning your visiting.

  • Check for deals before you go. We scored 2 for 1 entry passes on groupon a couple of years ago.
  • Pack bug spray, sunscreen, and a waterbottle. 

Thanks to Parc Omega for hosting me! Thoughts, opinions, and cute-animals obsessions expressed in this post are my own.

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