Beautiful photos on Instagram require more than good photography skills – editing can work wonders!

Photo editing is a creative process, and everyone’s style is different. My preferences have evolved since starting my blog in April 2017, and so has my editing style. This has been in large part helped by presets created by other Instagram users. While I’m still developing my understanding of Lightroom and Adobe, many of my edits are done with presets created by Travel in Her Shoes. New or experienced, these beautiful and easy-to-use presets will help you create a beautiful aesthetic. 

Desktop and mobile presets are available! The Lightroom subscription for desktop is paid, and does allow for more advanced edits. Just starting out and not interested in paying a monthly subscription? A one-time purchase of Travel In Her Shoes mobile presets will transform photos, right on your phone in the free Lightroom app.

Please note: presets often require some adjustment to get the look you want! Play with the exposure, contrast, and colour saturation after you’ve applied a preset so that it captures your photo in it’s best light.


This is an affiliate link. When you use it, proceeds for the sale go to the original creator, and I receive a small commission!

Check out my edits using these presets!

I started with the World Tour collection, because of the variety in presets. Pick your preset pack based on the areas and scenery that you tend to photograph.


Happy editing!