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On the Christmas break last winter, I was determined to go somewhere hot. Canadian winters are beautiful, but cold and low on sunlight. A trip to the beach wasn’t something that I wanted to do alone, and none of my friends were prepared go at the time so I looked in to travel groups. 

I joined a group called Under 30 Experiences for a 5 day trip to Manual Antonio, Costa Rica.  

Here’s what I loved about group travel.


We saw some girls taking a cute photo lying on the beach and decided to give it a try ourselves. We may have been a little too deep in the water!

Accommodations were all taken care of. 

We were shuttled from the airport, and we paired up with roommates when we arrived. We stayed in a beautiful villa in Manuel Antonio and breakfast every morning was included. It was fantastic having a beautiful, relaxing location to stay in and not having to find it myself.

Our guides had insights.

The best bars, the best lunch spot, the best surfing lessons on the beach. The Under 30 Experiences staff knew the area and were able to show us around and make great recommendations. They helped us book a great day zip-lining, and showed us around the nearby town of Quepos.

There was always someone to do things with.

One of the perks of travelling alone is you can decide to do whatever activity you want, without having to confer with anyone else. It turns out the same is true of group travel. With 14 people, there is always someone who wants to attend yoga, surf, or run down to the beach for sunset when you do, and if someone else wants to curl up in hammock with a book, they can do that too.

It’s safe. 

As exciting as exploring a city or country alone may be, it’s great to have other people with you who know the area, and guides who are looking out for your safety. It’s their job to accompany groups to the beach and keep an eye out for everyone. When you’re not concerned about safety, it’s easier to enjoy yourself.


I gained a community.

A great part of group travel is making friends with people just like yourself, other people who are excited about adventure, and becoming part of a wide spread travel community.

Experiences are more fun with other people. I learned to surf for the first time with a group of other adventurous young women, went to morning yoga with the early risers, and took group pictures in the sand. 

If you’re ever in a position where you find yourself not travelling because you’re waiting on other people and prefer not to go it alone, then group travel may be for you. 

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