This is a general round up of my favourite products! Whenever I find something new that I love… it goes in this list!

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask

This mask is super hydrating and my go-to products after a long day  outside in the sun (that can be very drying for my skin). I love to bring it on trips that include outdoor activities like hiking or kayaking.

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel


Packing Cubes 

I used packing cubes for the first time on a cross-Quebec road trip and was blown away by how much easier it made travel. I used each cube for a different category of clothing and was able to easily find what I needed and keep my suitcase organized. Especially for moving from one hotel to another, these are a must-have! This is the set I have:

Travel Garment Steamer 

This item gave me back part of my wardrobe! There were so many outfits and dresses that I wasn’t brining on trips because of the wrinkles on arrival (and ironing is time consuming and not always available). This steamer comes with a small hanger and gives 7-8 minutes of steam time. It folds up small and fits easily in to any suitcase.


View: Travel Garment Steamer

Strapless Bra

This might just be the single greatest strapless bra of all time. If you plan to wear dresses or tank tops while you are out all day then you need this. It is incredibly supportive and does not budge at all; I have spent entire days out exploring, walking thousands of steps, and never once been uncomfortable or needed to adjust it.

Smart Phone Tripod

Quite possibly the single greatest travel essential that I own now is my Joby GripTight PRO TelePod. It fits in any backpack, and even comes apart small enough to fit in a small purse. There is a Bluetooth enabled remote control so you can easily take photos on your phone of you and friends, or get stable video. It doubles as a selfie stick!

Joby GripTight PRO TelePod USA/ CANADA


Anti-Theft Backpacks

When I travel, I use anti-theft back packs! The PINCEL Backpack is a full anti-theft backpack, great for carrying a camera, small tripod, and other valuables. It’s also waterproof. The HaloVa Backpack is a regular backpack with a small anti-theft compartment inside and one on the back for your wallet and ID.

PINCEL Women’s Anti-Theft Backpack

 HaloVa Backpack & Small Travel Day Pack  



The Neutrogena Dry-Touch is my daily facial sunscreen, travel or not! If applicable, apply before foundation. It’s totally non-greasy, no acne or zits from it, and never been burned with it on.

Buy Now: Neutrogena Dry-Touch SPF

I love Banana Boat Ultra Sport for outdoor activities from hiking to kayaking. It’s waterproof and lightweight.

Banana Boat Ultra Sport


Yoga Tune Up Balls

My yoga tune up balls are probably the single most-used thing that I own for recovery and muscle cramps. I’ve had them for years, and use them constantly. It’s basically a deep tissue massage wherever you are. 


Here are some youTube videos to help you get started:

Or view on (cheaper to order from using the image link above) 

Travel Foam Roller

The beauty of the travel foam roller is that it’s small and hollow. It fits easily in a carry-on sized suitcase and you can actually pack it full of stuff. You’re not losing any packing space! Here’s an introductory video on using a foam roller if you haven’t before.

View on (recommended for Canadians)

Hair Products

Thermal Pants

A pair of thermal hiking pants is one of the best purchases you will ever make for cold weather. I bought this pair right before my trip to Iceland and now wear them all the time (here’s an equivalent for men). They’re good to about -10C. Plus, they’re water resistant with sealed pockets!

View more options: Women Canada / Men Canada. / Women USA/ Men USA

Organika Collagen


Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes

View Makeup Remover Wipes: USA / CANADA

The Love & Lore Travel Docs Folder

The first thing that I do when leaving for a trip is put all my travel documents in order using the Travel Docs folder from Love & Lore. It comes in black and other fun patterns.

View: Travel Docs Folder









Travel Towel

PackTowel makes fantastic, light microfibre towels that I love to travel with. They come in several colours, and sizes: face, hand, body, and beach! All are included in this link:

PackTowel UltraLite Microfiber Towel


I love the Manna Vogue Waterbottle. I have 2! It’s stainless steel and keeps water hot or cold all day long. It’s available in dozens of colours and patterns, for both men and women. Order on Amazon if you prefer, but it’s much cheaper to order from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Mercury Glass Candles

View Mercury Glass Candles