Canada Travel Tips & Guides

Welcome to Canada, my home and native land! Canada is an enormous country, with all kinds of different landscapes and environments to explore – in all seasons. 

Let’s start planning your trip to Canada! Where do you want to go? These posts are organized from East to West! Find guides for Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and other areas in Ontario and Quebec.


Start your visit with this Montreal 3 Day Itinerary and Guide and use this guide if you’re visiting Montreal in the Winter!


Explore more of Ontario by visiting small towns like Westport or Calabogie!

Outaouis, Gatineau, Montebello

When in Ottawa or Montreal, it’s worth a visit to some of the amazing destinations in between the two cities. Quebec is full of beautiful places including hiking trails, the Nordik Spa, and Omega Park!


The only Canadian city on Airbnb’s must visit list in 2019!