Escape Ottawa with a day trip to this beautiful, secluded spot: Morris Island Conservation Area. Love the outdoors? It’s perfect for your next adventure! Here’s everything you need to know for your day trip to Morris Island Conservation Area.


Day Trip to Morris Island Conservation Area

Morris Island Conservation Area is perfect for outdoor lovers. It’s a great alternative to more popular hikes like those in Gatineau Park and although it’s small, Morris Island has lots of activity options! Enjoy peace, quiet, and time in nature on the water.

My partner and I spent the day at Morris Island Conversation Area recently. It was beautiful and offered a much-needed escape from the city. We took a picnic, books to read, and explored a couple of the trails. We also had a face-off with some geese… it took us longer than I care to admit to finally get past them and carry on with our exploration.

Getting to Morris Island Conservation Area

Morris Island is about a 45-minute drive from downtown Ottawa. Getting there is easy! The 417 W will take you most of the way there. The closest towns are Fitzroy Harbour (where Morris Island is technically located) and Arnprior.

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Visitor Information for Morris Island Conservation Area

Here are a few key things to know for your visit to Morris Island

  • Hours: Morris Island Conservation Area is open daily from dawn until dusk.
  • Parking and fees: there is a parking lot. A day pass is $6 and allows you to stay for up to 4 hours.
  • Washrooms: there are washrooms at the main entrance.

Things to do at Morris Island Conservation Area


There are several kilometres of trails at Morris Island Conservation Area. You can go on as long or as short of a hike as you like by combining trails and loops together. Outside of the main Causeway trail, most of the other trails are quite rocky. They are easy in terms of difficulty but do require a high degree of mobility and I recommend running shoes or sneakers. Discover beautiful lookouts on all the trails!

  • The Causeway is wheelchair accessible.

View the trail map.

Canoe, Kayak, or Paddleboard

Prefer to hit the water? There is a dedicated launch point in Morris Island Conservation Area where you can do just that. From there, you’ll be able to paddle or row in the safety of the islands. This is a great spot because it is secluded and there is no other water traffic. Booms denote locations that you should not paddle past. 

Tip: Don’t own a boat or board of your own? Ottawa Valley Air Paddle is located in Arnprior, about 15 minutes away, and rents inflatable paddleboards for $30/day.


Love to wish? There’s a fishing platform at Morris Island Conservation Area as well. We saw several people out fishing on our visit! 


Pack your lunch! There are picnic tables scattered throughout Morris Island Conservation Area or you can bring your own foldout camping chairs (my partner and I have these ones from Coleman and love them; while I’m at it, here is our cooler which is also fantastic). 

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