It’s the summer of outside, Ottawa!

One of the best ways to have fun and stay safe this summer is to enjoy the great outdoors. Fortunately, Ottawa has a lot of offer in this way. Enjoy relaxing trail walks, beautiful gardens, fantastic cycling paths, and epic hikes in the National Capital Region this summer. I’ve put together a guide to all the best places + parking and washroom accessibility information!

For every trail and path, I’ve included information on the following:

Location | Parking | Type of Path | Length | Washrooms | Dog-Friendly


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Hiking, Cycling, and Walking Trails in Ottawa

Hiking Trails Near Ottawa

Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park is always a crowd favourite when it comes to hiking. There is a good variety of trails in the park so no matter what you’re looking for – a leisurely afternoon exploring or an epic hike that tires out your legs – there’s something for you. Check out my Gatineau Park Trail Guide for complete guides to 6 fantastic hiking trails ranging from 45 minute easy loops to 3+ hour difficult hikes.

The following trails are currently accessible. Click through for more details!

  • Wolf Trail Distance: 7.9 km | Time: 3+ hours | Difficulty: Challenging | Parking Lot: 13 | Washrooms: Yes
  • Luskville Falls | Distance: 4.6 km | Time: 2 hours | Difficulty: Challenging | Parking: Yes | Washrooms: Yes

Manitou Mountain Calabogie

For a visa that can’t be rivaled, head to Eagle’s Nest in Calabogie. The winter ski hill is hiking trails during the summer. There are lots of different routes to choose from. I like the Skywalk Trail as a longer route to Eagle’s Nest.

Eagle’s Nest Hiking Guide and Directions | Distance: Varies by Trail | Difficulty: Moderate | Parking: Calabogie Peaks Resort | Washrooms: Currently Unavailable (COVID-19)

Rock Dunder Conservation Area

It’s a bit further to drive, but well worth the views of Morton Bay. There are a few different ways to hike the 3 trails at Rock Dunder, so you can choose if you’re up for a short 1.3 km or a longer 3.9 km loop (you’ll need to do the longer one for the best views). Or you can combine the two! Rock Dunder is a conservation area so there is a day pass fee associated with hiking there.

Google Map | Distance: 1.3 km + | Day Pass: $10 (Buy Here) | Difficulty: Moderate | Parking: Yes | Washrooms: Currently Unavailable (COVID-19)

Ottawa Skyline


Walking Trails in Ottawa

Escape this city without ever leaving. This summer make sure you visit one of the many beautiful parks, gardens, or green spaces around Ottawa. Bring a picnic lunch and melt into the magic that is Ottawa gardens!

Dominion Arboretum

One of my favourite places for an afternoon stroll is in the Dominion Arboretum. The arboretum is a beautiful oasis in the middle of Ottawa, about 10 minutes from the downtown. I like to park at the top and walk a 3.3k loop around the outer edge of the park, but you can also access the Arboretum beginning from Dow’s Lake or Carleton University at the locks.

Google Maps | Free Parking: Yes | Washrooms: Arboretum Office Buildings (Limited Hours) | Type: Casual Walk | Dogs Allowed: Yes | Easily Accessible by Public Transit

The Ornamental Gardens

The Ornamental Gardens by the Experimental Farm is the perfect spot for photography and flowers. Spring and summer you will find a huge variety of flowers and trees in bloom. This garden is just across the street from the Dominion Arboretum so you can also go for a walk there!

Google Maps | Free Parking: Yes | Washrooms: Not on-site. Cross to the Dominion Arboretum | Type: Leisurely Gardens | Dogs Allowed: No

Pine Grove Trail

Renowned for its tall trees and beautiful light, Pine Grove Trail (NCC Trail 43) is a summer and winter favourite amongst walking trails in Ottawa. This beautiful forest is home to many tree and wildlife species. Walk the 4.4 km interpretive trail to learn more about them.

Google Maps | Free Parking: Yes | Washrooms: P18 | Type: Easy Nature Walk | Distance: 4.4 km | Dogs Allowed: No – Visit Conroy Pit nearby


Hog’s Back

There’s an impressive waterfall in the middle of our city! Start at Hog’s Back and walk down towards Vincent Massey Park or along the Rideau Canal. It’s a must-see at sunset!

Google Maps | Free Parking: Yes | Washrooms: Yes | Type: Casual Walk | Dogs Allowed: Yes | Easily Accessible by Public Transit

Jack Pine Trail

Bring your birdseed to Jack Pine trail! This is one of my favourite places to go year-round. Get a big bag of birdseed from Bulk Barn for $1 and go out in search of chickadees. Just stand still when you see them and they will land on your hand! Include some crushed peanuts to attract nuthatches and woodpeckers. 

Google Maps | Free Parking: Yes | Washrooms: Yes | Type: Easy Nature Walk | Distance: 0.7 km / 1.7 km / 2.3 km | Dogs Allowed: No

Major’s Hill Park

Major’s Hill Park is a beautiful spot in downtown Ottawa with some of the best views of the city. This is one of my favourite places for photography because you can see Parliament, the National Art Gallery, Fairmount Chateau Laurier, and Notre Dame just by spinning around! Major’s Hill Park is a very popular picnic spot.

Google Maps | Free Parking: Weekends Only Downtown | Washrooms: No | Type: Casual Walk | Dogs Allowed: Yes | Easily Accessible by Public Transit

Mer Bleue

Mer Bleue is Ottawa’s only bog and it’s the perfect place for an easy walk in nature. Make your way around the 1.2-kilometre interpretive boardwalk and then settle down for a picnic (there are benches on-site). Keeps your eyes peeled for beavers and birds!

Google Maps | Free Parking: Yes | Washrooms: Yes | Type: Easy Nature Walk |Distance: 1.2 km | Dogs Allowed: No | Stroller Accessible

Conroy Pit

This off-leash dog park is full of beautiful, easy-to-walk trails. Bring your fur friend or say hello to the many other dogs you will meet along the way. Particularly in the more densely wood areas, keep an ear out for tapping and you might be able to spot a woodpecker.

Google Maps | Free Parking: Yes | Washrooms: Yes | Type: Easy Nature Walk | Dogs Allowed: Yes – Off-Leash

Andrew Haydon Park

Andrew Hayden Park is a small and walkable loop located along the water. It’s a great spot for a picnic, and favourite hang out for Canada geese. You can also venture out along the Ottawa River path towards Britannia Beach. Stop at Beachcorner’s for ice cream!

Google Maps | Free Parking: Yes | Washrooms: 7 am to 6 pm | Type: Easy Nature Walk | Dogs Allowed: Yes – Off-Leash