Calling all animal lovers! Here’s an experience you’re sure to love. There are cabins in Quebec where you can sleep with wolves! Sleep in a cozy wood cabin with full-length windows where wolves can come visit while you sleep. These cabins are at an incredible adventure park in Eastern Quebec that makes for an amazing weekend getaway.

Omega Park is located just outside of Montebello, Quebec about halfway between Ottawa and Montreal. Omega Park is open every day (rain or shine) year-round. It’s perfect for a day trip or a unique stay over with your friends!

The wolf lodges are and available to book all winter. There are other accommodations available in the summer. I have now stayed in a Tipi in the summer and slept with wolves in a Wolf Cabin in the winter. 


Quebec Wolf Cabin
Jean-Marc Mathieu. I visited in winter. Omega Park provided this photo of the cabin in summer.

Sleep With Wolves

The wolf cabins are big so bring your friends! There are a few different ways to stay:

  • Wolf Cabins: 549$ for 4 people
  • Wolf Chalets: From 749$ for 6 people
  • Wolf Lodges: 849$ for 6 people

In other words – accommodations start at $124/person if you bring 5 friends to the Wolf Chalet. Pretty good for a chance to sleep with wolves!

My friends and I stayed in a wolf cabin. There’s a kitchenette in the cabin (sink, microwave, dishes) and a fireplace. There’s no oven in the wolf cabin but we made baked brie on the fireplace! The wolf chalets and lodges include ovens. The wolf lodges are more spacious and include a mezzanine looking out over the wolf enclosure.

Learn more about each accommodation option.

Bring cards, board games, books, and a pre-download movie for your night in the cabin. 

Your stay includes access to Omega Park and access to a private boardwalk only for guests staying the night! This boardwalk is another great way to visit with the wolves!

wolf boardwalk

There’s lots to do in Omega Park, too! Spend the day driving the park loop. Elk, deer, ibex, and pigs will come up to your car and request carrots. You can also see arctic foxes, more wolves, reindeer, and mountain goats from a distance.

There are special winter activities at Omega Park – particularly in March! Visit the sugar bush for maple taffy or enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride through the snow. Staying in the summer? Head over to the petting farm and get up close with ponies, rabbits, and goats. Maybe avoid the goats actually, one ate a piece of my jacket.

Come for a day trip or book a night and spend the whole weekend getting to know the animals at Omega Park.

By the way – my favourite thing about Omega Park is that it’s so big that you only see animals if the animals want to see you. It’s pretty a much guarantee they’ll all demand carrots from you though.

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