Montreal is perfect for foodies. One of the things that I have loved on my multiple visits to Montreal over the last couple years has been discovering more and more amazing restaurants. My boyfriend and I have taken to walking along the street in the Plateau Mont Royal area until we find something that looks good and this has led to some incredible finds. If you love to eat, Montreal is the perfect city for you. What makes Montreal food so fun is that there’s a combination of fantastic Canadian foods alongside family-run restaurants owned by people who moved to Montreal from all over the world and brought their delicious cooking with them. 

Canadian comfort foods? Got it. Authentic Korean food? It’s here. Top-notch grilled meats from Portugal? Absolutely. Plus – when you visit keep an eye out for food festivals or events. There’s always something!

I’ve gone to the very extensive task of compiling websites and Google maps for all of my favourite places in Montreal (by neighbourhood and type) along with some top recommendations from friends. Happy eating! And – if you find a great spot that’s not on my list let know on Instagram or Twitter!


Mile End Montreal Food Tour

Where to Eat in Montreal

Where to Eat in Le Plateau Mont Royal Montreal

The Plateau Mont Royal area of Montreal is worth exploring! Use this guide to find murals, beautiful houses, and amazing parks: The Prettiest Places in Plateau Mont Royal Montreal + Map To Find Them

Mile End Montreal

First and foremost if you are a lover of all things delicious and local I highly recommend you take yourself on this self-guided food tour of Mile End Montreal. I went to the task of putting together all the best food in Mile End that you order to go on a beautiful 2 hour walk through one of Montreal’s best neighbourhoods.

It’s got some little over-the-counter spots that aren’t on this list so be sure to take a look.

Google maps, route, order of eating and all! And – kid friendly (according to my readers who have kids).

Breakfast/ Brunch in Le Plateau Mont Royal

  • Juliette et Chocolat: specializing in chocolate and crêpes, Juliette et Chocolat is one of my favourite brunch spots in Montreal. It’s also great for after dinner desserts – get the Juliette fondue for 1 for all 3 chocolates. It’s lots for 2 people! WebsiteLocation.
  • Fabergé: relaxed and casual atmosphere serving up really unique menu options. They have all kinds of delicious versions of eggs benedict and fantastic chicken and waffles (which if you have not have not heard of chicken and waffles – it’s popular in Montreal and so, so good). Website Location.
  • Fairmount Bagels: get a more casual start to the day with some delicious Montreal bagels. Bring cash and eat your bagel fresh. Trust me, there is nothing better than a hot everything or sesame bagel. WebsiteLocation.
  • Restaurant L’Avenue: hearty, traditional breakfasts and a fun vibe. This place is perfect if you’ve got a big day of exploring ahead! WebsiteLocation.

Lunch/ Dinner/ Drinks in Le Plateau Mont Royal

  • Ichigo Ichie: if you only went for dinner once in Montreal… this is the place. It took me by surprise at first but a few bites in I was smitten. Ichigo Ichie specializes in ramen – order that. This is definitely my favourite restaurant in Montreal! It fills up every night so get there right at 5PM. WebsiteLocation.
  • Jano Restaurant: this place is casual, super well-priced and so good. It’s a Portuguese restaurant that specializes in grilled meat & seafood dishes. Website / Location.
  • Dirty Dogs: best for drinks and a late night carb-fix. Dirty dogs serves up gourmet hot dogs and poutine of all varieties. InstagramLocation.
  • Shaker Cuisine and Mixology: Shaker is one of many fantastic patios on Saint Laurent Boulevard. I love it because the cocktail menu is unreal – they host a cocktail competition annually so there are some really fun creations to choose from! WebsiteLocation.
  • Omnivore: Delicious and decked out with an awesome mural, omnivore is a great place for lunch. I love the chicken shawarma platter (their garlic sauce is amazing!) and have heard the sandwiches are awesome too. Website Location.
  • La Panthère Verte: Montreal’s best vegan food is at La Panthère Verte. I love getting the traditional falafel trio – a delicious vegan falafel, spicy sweet potato fries, and a house iced tea. Website Location(s)

Cafés in Le Plateau Mont Royal

  • Café Névé: Café Névé serves delicious drinks, hot and cold, and has great seating for individuals or pairs of people. I love their iced tea! Location.
  • Replika: my favourite café in the area for working. Great space, large co-working tables, and delicious food for lunch and lattes for while you work. Location.
  • Nocturne: super cozy café with delicious drinks and baked good. I’ve only been in winter but apparently there’s a great patio out back in the summer! Location
  • Dispatch Coffee: Right on Saint Laurent Street, Dispatch Coffee is a great place to pop in to whether you’re looking for a fresh espresso. Dispatch specializes in responsibility sourced coffee and roasts fresh. Location.
  • Nobel Café: Want to take your morning brew outside? Noble is a cute, counter-serve café with lots of options and outdoor seating. Location.
  • Le Moineau Masqué: This beautiful café includes a terrace for you to relax on with your cold brew coffee and a fresh pastry. There’s also homemade ice cream available some days! Location.
Restaurants in Plateau Mont Royal Montreal
Panthère Verte

Where to eat in Old Montreal

Planning to explore Old Montreal? Check out this post to find some beautiful (and secret) spots: The Best of Old Montreal: Things to Do, Sights, and Food.

Breakfast/ Brunch in Old Montreal

  • Taverne Gaspar: located inside a beautiful hotel in the Old Port, Taverne Gaspar serves a fun selection of crêpes and other breakfast dishes in the morning. WebsiteLocation.
  • Maison Christian Faure Patisserie: start the morning right with delicious French pastries. These are some of the best in the city! Try the croissants. Website / Location.
  • Eggspectation:  hearty breakfasts of eggs benedict, pancakes, potatoes, toast, and all your other favourites. I haven’t been to the Montreal location but I love  the salmon eggs benedict at the Ottawa location! Website / Location

Lunch/ Dinner/ Drinks in Old Montreal

  • Ikanos: for a delicious, 3 course meal table d’hôte style for less than $30 visit Ikanos on McGill street. It’s an incredibly good deal on great food! They specialize in seafood. Website / Location
  • Le Capital Tacos: I can’t say enough about how good the tacos are here – they make all varieties and every kinds I’ve tried was superb. This spot is actually in Chinatown but it’s a very short walk from Old Montreal. Website / Location
  • Montreal Poutine: off of Place Jacques Cartier, Montreal Poutine is my Old Montreal go-to for this Canadian favourite. Try it at least once! P.S. if you’re visiting Quebec you must try poutine. It’s the ultimate comfort food so after a long day or well into a late night is highly recommended. Website / Location
  • Hà Restaurant: traditional Vietnamese food. There’s nothing on this menu that isn’t good! Open for lunch and dinner and is renowned for it’s cocktails. Website / Location
  • Venice MTL: for a light, breezy vibe check out Venice MTL serves tacos, salads, and poke bowls perfect for keeping it healthy while travelling. Gluten free and vegetarian foods are on the menu! Website / Location
  • LOV: this place is all the rage in Montreal for vegan food. The food is savoury and gourmet all while being vegan and earth friendly. Website / Location.
  • Bonaparte: looking for a fancier night out? Bonaparte is a great option for an upscale dinner. They offer a fantastic Table d’Hôte menu with lots of options. Website / Location

Cafés in Old Montreal

  • Tommy Café: possibly Montreal’s most beautiful café. Tommy is 3 stories set in the former British Empire building and it has all the natural light and hanging plants you could ask for. Location.
  • Collective Crew: this is a fantastic co-working café if you’re looking to be productive. It’s set inside a very grand former bank. I’ve worked here a few times – the food is good and the wifi is great! Location.
  • Xavier Artisan: right by Basilica Notre-Dame so this is the perfect place to rest between exploring Old Montreal. I’ve only had drinks here but their sandwiches also get rave reviews if you need a quick bite. Location.
Where to Eat in Old Montreal
Montreal Poutine

Where to eat in Downtown Montreal

Here’s the perfect itinerary for 3 days in Montreal: What to do in Montreal for 3 Days: Suggested Itinerary and Travel Guide

Breakfast/ Brunch in Downtown Montreal

I won’t write these all up separately because they’re pretty similar. The best breakfast spots on Downtown Montreal are all restaurants that originally opened in / near Montreal and are now Canadian classics. Enjoy hearty breakfasts of pancakes, waffles, crêpes, eggs benedict – and if you’re not from around here please pour maple syrup on everything. These spots only serve the real deal.

Lunch/ Dinner/ Drinks in Downtown Montreal

  • Escondite: Mexican-inspired dishes have made this a popular spot. Enjoy tacos and tequila-based cocktails in a fun and trendy environment. It’s a little less business-formal than other spots in the downtown! Website / Location
  • Ibérica: Stylish and delicious. Ibérica serves delicious tapas and paellas. Delicious seafood dishes, we loved the seafood paella. This is small and vibrant so it fills up quick! Website / Location 
  • Il Focolaio: ready for pizza? Straight out of wood-fire oven and available with every combination of topics you can thinking of. This is some of the best pizza in Montreal (and they meet dietary restrictions like gluten-free and dairy-free cheese while keeping the pizza delicious). Website / Location
  • Dominion Square Tavern: this place offers a high-end spin on British-inspired pub food with a bit of Montreal flavour. There’s an old world feel to the place and a great drink menu. Gin & tonic lovers will appreciate all the different homemade variations on a classic. Website / Location
  • GaNaDaRa: another small spot serving delicious foods from abroad is Ganadara. This Korean restaurant in the downtown serves authentic foods with generous serving sizes and good prices. Share a few things with a friend so you can try a bit of everything! Website / Location