Scandinavian countries are some of the happiest in the world, and it’s clear why the moment you arrive…

They’re all beautiful. The air in Norway is the freshest I’ve ever breathed, Sweden has a mid-day coffee and pastry tradition, and cycling is the most popular form of commuting in Denmark.

Scandinavian countries make news repeatedly for being some of the happiest countries on Earth and yet, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark haven’t taken off as travel destinations the way destinations in central and Southern Europe have. I traveled through Scandinavia and was so taken by incredible landscapes, the was that being “eco-friendly” is the standard, and the laid approach to life.

This is the beauty of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in the form of my favourite Scandinavia travel photos.

If you’re looking for travel guides, click here! This post is all photos!

Besseggen Ridge Norway

Besseggen Ridge


I enjoyed an amazing 2 days hiking in Norway, along Besseggen Ridge and through the mountains of Romsdalseggen, and then stopped for an afternoon in Oslo on the way to Sweden.

Norway is a country that I wish I’d had more time in, and hope to revisit some day. If you have an opportunity to go during the Northern Lights… do it, and report back to me about how awesome it was! 


Romsdalseggen Hike Norway

Romsdalseggen Ridge Hike

Norway is the only country where I’ve ever seen a full rainbow… and I saw 3 of them!

Scandinavia travel Åndalsnes Norway


Åndalsnes view from Romsdalseggen


This photo of Oslo is borrowed from a photographer on Unsplash! I did see the Opera House on my visit, but didn’t take any photos. Pre-travel blogger life, I missed a lot of photo ops. Credit: Arvid Malde




My visit to Sweden was 3 days – 2 in the charming city of Gothenburg, and one day exploring Stockholm. I highly recommend both! Gothenburg is a quaint city, but there are still lots of things to do and it’s definitely worth visiting. Stockholm is a more popular destination, but still not too crowded. Make sure you spend some time exploring Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm.

Gothenburg Sweden

The view of Gothenburg from Skansen Kronan

Skansen Kronan

There’s an amazing tradition of coffee and pastries called “Fika” in Sweden that you will totally be able to get on board with!

Stockholm’s Underground Art

Nyhavn, Copenhagen


I loved Denmark! I went on an impromptu, 2-day visit to Copenhagen at the end of my Scandinavian trip. It was wonderful! Copenhagen has this lovely, laid back feel and the morning commute is 90% bicycles and 100% the smell of fresh pastries.

The Little Mermaid Statue

The Little Mermaid

Christiansborg Palace

I hope you’re feeling inspired to add some Scandinavian travel to your next adventure! These countries are absolutely beautiful, and without the crowds of other destinations in Europe. Make your way across Scandinavia by train and take your camera!

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