Step back in time, and in to luxury on the Titanic.

When the Titanic was first built it was luxury, elegance, and travel at it’s finest. It brought the shipyards in Belfast to life, provided long term employment to thousands, and was a symbol of strength. Today, you can experience the Titanic in all it’s glory at Titanic Belfast!

Though a sad story in the end, the Titanic was intended to be a wonderful and dignified vessel. It was revolutionary in it’s design, and in it’s fair accommodations for the lower class. Journey through time, enjoy tea in the dining room, and learn the fascinating history of the unsinkable ship.

On my visit I attended Afternoon Tea on the Titanic, and explored the museum!

Titanic tea entrance in Belfast

Afternoon Tea on the Titanic

While I firmly believe that there was room for two on that door, I was ecstatic at the opportunity to see the staircase that Rose walks down in the movie Titanic. 

Afternoon Tea on the Titanic is a relaxed, beautiful way to spend an afternoon. Enjoy live music, delicious pastries, and hot tea in an exceptional setting: the Titanic dining hall. Recreated based off the original Titanic design, in the dining hall you can experience the Titanic the way an upper class passenger would have over 100 years ago.

titanic staircase

Time slots to begin tea start at 12:30PM, every Sunday. Your ticket includes tea, small sandwiches, delicious cookies, and all number of other treats. Tickets to Afternoon Tea can be bough separately, or in combination with same-day entry to the Titanic Museum.

food at tea on the titanic

Guests are given 2 hours to enjoy tea and take photographs on the staircase. I loved posing for photos on the staircase. My only regret is not bring a tripod! The light is low and warm, so bring a good camera and tripod for the perfect photos.

tea on the titanic

The Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum transports you to the very beginning of the story, with interactive exhibits and a fantastic audio guide. Give yourself at least 3 hours to explore. 

Nine galleries make up the museum, beginning with the stories of the people who lived in worked in Belfast when construction on the Titanic began. The audio guide is optional, and I highly recommend it. I learned so much from the exhibits on their own, and even more from the audio guide.

What the exhibits do best is capture the emotions of every stage of the Titanic’s journey. The excitement builds as you make your way through the shipyards, listen to businessmen have conversations, and peer inside recreations of the rooms onboard, until finally you step on to the ship.

Bring tissues. Even though I knew full well what happened next, the museum captures the Titanic’s last hours in a heart wrenching way, that left me shocked and teary-eyed.

I love how so many elements of the Titanic’s story were brought to life! It feels like you’re right there for so many pivotal moments, the good and the bad.

The Titanic Museum View

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  1. Aww this is one of the things that I regret not experiencing while in Belfast! Sadly, I was there only for a couple of days and none was a Sunday. I want to go back – two days were not enough and I really liked the city – and next time I’ll make sure to at least visit the museum, if not actually go ahead and splurge onthe afternoon tea by that staircase!

  2. I used to be obsessed with the Titanic! This is definitely something I’d love to do someday. And I love the idea of having tea by the grand staircase.

  3. We’ve been to a Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas but we’d love to attend this kind of experience in Europe too! Besides, it’s so good that they give you so much time for the tea and to shoot some nice pictures!

  4. Wow! Haven’t heard of this museum. Even though I am not a big museum fan, this one is definitely my cup of tea. I would love to sip a tea and imagine myself on that ship, lol. Thanks for introducing this!

  5. Wow! Lovely place.. definitely a worth visit. I love the movie Titanic and walking through the Titanic museum is something I would love to do. Great that they also serve afternoon tea and snacks there. Looks like an evening well spent. The pictures are very beautiful and remind me of various scenes from the movie. Thanks for sharing this splendid experience. 🙂

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